Feb. 16th, 2009

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This happens every year. I haven't (or hadn't) been to a concert since Thanksgiving, then suddenly I have three in five days. Yesterday was Don Caballero (sample mp3), who were pretty great in spite of Damon Ché being either very ill and/or strung out. (They couldn't even manage an encore.)

After the show, I managed to avoid upsetting some drunk guy by being able to name two Polvo albums, which he seemed think was a feat.

Today I'm dragging Torrle to see Philip Glass do Music in Twelve Parts. Yes, all...twelve...parts. Four hour of arpeggiated heaven. It's amazing that he's still performing this live, considering he's like 72 and will likely be even older by the time the concert is done.

Thursday I'm going to see Grails, mainly to see the lord of the 12-string James Blackshaw opening. (See here - it gets going about 2:50.)

= = = =

Still working on compiling a top 10 list of albums from 2008. I've had this weird OCD mentality that I must hear every album released in 2008 whether I'll like it or not before I can publish it.

In the meantime, here are three five some tracks I downloaded for free that are very nifty and I would highly recommend to anybody still reading:
Heligoats - "Been a Drill" - In a future post, I will gush relentlessly about how ridiculously perfectly the lyrics to this song fit its subject.
Department of Eagles - "In Ear Park" This album will be on my top ten list, probably number three or four, and this might be the best single track of the year (so take that, "White Winter Hymnal".)
We Versus the Shark - "Right Away" - A cover that's pretty faithful, but still better than the original, which is still pretty great.)
Au Revior Simone - "Lark (Ruff and Jam Remix)"
Genghis Tron - "City Whipped (Subtle Remix)" - The sad thing about remixes is if you really love them, chances are they were one-off collaborations that will never happen again.
Friendly Fires - "Jump in the Pool" - The keyboard solo about 2/3rds of the way through floors me every time.

= = = =

P.S. I now have a Twitter account, where I post things that have just as little meaningful substance as my LJ posts, but use fewer words. Something I would post there, for example, would be this conversation that occurred in the hallway at work on Friday:
M: "Three day weekend!"
Me: "Yeah! Any plans?"
M: "No, just gonna relax. I'd come into work one day if I was a sadist."
Me: "Actually, that would make you a masochist."

...but that wouldn't fit. And probably doesn't really need to be posted anywhere anyway.


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