Apr. 10th, 2009

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I'm a relatively optimistic person when it comes to human beings; "relatively optimistic" meaning that I'm not totally convinced we're going to drive ourselves to extinction in mass warfare.

But if I was the type of person who believed that, I think the strongest evidence supporting the assertion would be razor wire.

No, not the nuclear bomb, massive unbridled consumerism, or even American Idol. Dying in a nuclear blast would sting, but it'd be over pretty quickly (for most people). And sure, we're idiots for seeing how fast we can turn our natural resources into carbon, but that's happening so slowly that it's understandable that so many don't see it or don't realize it. And yes, American Idol is the raw exploitation of humanity's unfortunate need to see the hopeful mocked, but hey... it is some shiny pictures on the God box, so why not stare? No, razor wire is the strongest evidence we have that humanity will eventually drive itself to extinction.

It's not even that somebody came up with the idea to create something specifically designed to do absolutely nothing other than shred the human body; it's that there was a need for it. We invented barbed wire, and that wasn't enough. It's that so many people saw those big coils of wire with large steel thorns projecting in every direction sitting at the top of a large fence and thought "huh, wonder why that's there...maybe I'll go in and ask." So somebody had to think about how to make barbed wire worse. Let me rephrase that: there was research funding made available to improve the technology to cause more suffering, because merely puncturing the flesh of anybody who touched it was insufficient. Trained scientists had to think about the situation long enough to realize that they could make the whole thing much more horrible and disfiguring by replacing the stabby things with slicey things; a realization no doubt they were ecstatic to explain to their marketing department the next day (which was probably the first time the phrase "fuck their shit up real good" was used in an executive brief). See, if I was a cynical person, I'd see this entire situation as a perfect encapsulation of why there is no hope for humanity.

But...I guess I'm just not that cynical.


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