Oct. 27th, 2010

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If you didn't read my last post about the joy of my refurb-quality lumbar discs, please scan it for context.

So...I'll spare the insurance-company-scumbag rant. Suffice to say that government-run health care is a good idea precisely because they lack the competence to develop a system that's anywhere near as effective at screwing every party involved except themselves as private carriers. Civil servants simply lack the desire to fine tune the process such that the option of enduring severe physical agony seems is a favorable option to convincing an insurance agent to do their job.

Anyway, potentially bad decision: I have a bad back, and I'm still going to FurFright. My plane leaves in eight hours. Here's the logic behind the decision:
1) Nothing is refundable.
2) Torrle's going. (I won't let him not go because of me.) So my option for the next five days is to stay home alone, drive up and stay with my folks, or try to impose myself on some locals whose hearts are bigger than their brains.
3) If I'm going to spend five days lying in bed, soaking in a bath, and watching TV, it might as well be somewhere that I don't have to clean and that has better cable.
4) I might be able to exploit my ailment for pity sex sketches.

I'm adequately stocked to fend off most of the major pain, but please don't panic if you see me suddenly yelp, grimace and clutch my right side. Certain (unpredictable) positions and movements can cause the nerve to get pinched, which feels like every muscle from my right hip to my foot is cramping. Usually I just have to grit my teeth, stretch, and wait a minute or two for the pain to subside. This happens most frequently when changing from sitting to standing. Because of this, and not to be a killjoy, please please please do not pounce, pinch, surprise, sneak up on, or tickle me at this con. Anything that causes me to tense up suddenly will trigger one of those pain spasms.
- - - -
Now, with all that fun out of the way. On election day, Tuesday, November 2nd, I plan on getting literally stabbed in the back. One unique thing about that statement is that I mean the word "literally" literally. The treatment for this back problem involves sticking a large needle into the space between my vertebrae and injecting steroids directly onto the inflamed nerve and tissue. That should cause significant relief within 24-48 hours. Of course, they could also just cut the entire thing using wire clippers in which case I suspect the lack of pain (or any other sensation) would be noticeable much more quickly, though the insurance company would probably reject the claim for using a specialized tool like "wire clippers" rather than a cheaper alternative like scissors or the neurosurgeon's teeth. But I'm not bitter.


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