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There's nothing quite like the mental confliction caused when you knock a big cup of Diet Coke onto a UPS. The immediate instinct is to grab the nearest absorbent object and dive at the spill...before the rest of your brain kicks in to remind you that you're reaching for a puddle of liquid on a bunch of exposed electrical outlets specifically designed to remain powered even when unplugged.
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This seemed like an interesting question to put forth and see how people responded. The question is this: Would you do something that was (currently) completely legal that you felt, for whatever reason, should be illegal? Assume:
     - It's not legal just because of some loophole. It's an activity that people are aware of and, despite being controversial and many people disagreeing over its morality, is accepted as legal.
     - It will have a vague overall harmful effect on society (in whole or a specific part of it), but the consequences are not immediately obvious. You would benefit from doing it, but at the small expense of many other people.
     - It would not be to get something you have to have to survive, or depriving of anybody of something they would require to survive.
     - It's something you would have to make an active decision to engage in, not something that would happen just because you were passive or didn't make an effort to avoid.
     - Your decision to participate or abstain probably has a negligible impact on the activity itself or its effects. In other words, even if you don't do this, other people are going to keep doing it.

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I mean...that fact really didn't hit me until I saw his post mentioning it. I knew it was coming, but it really seemed like just a few weeks ago that he was moving here and starting this new adventure, and every day I've been thankful he decided to take it! I knew he'd be great at it, and even then he blew away all expectations and is graduating at the top of his class. (And trust me, having watched him these past few years...he's earned every single damn one of those grades.)

I know all too well the mixed feelings that come with a step like this. But at the same time, I'm all giddy thinking about what lies ahead for him, and the amazing stuff I know he's going to have a hand in creating.

So, everybody please join me in piling on the congratulations to [ profile] torrle! (Or simple piling on, he'll be happy with that too!) was his last day of school.

Whoo! Congrats hon! I love you!


Jul. 29th, 2009 11:30 pm
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So this week I got an emAAil, or rather, an American Airlines AAirmail AAlert bulletin or whatever bullshit they call it (because I am a frequent flier mileage whore and they offered like 500 AA AAdvantage miles to sign up for it a few years ago). The email says they're holding a contest: "Help us name the new Facebook fare finder application and you could win eleventy thousand bAAzillion AAdvantage miles!!! AAct now you AAsholes!!!"

So I submitted fAAd as my suggestion. And I do not expect to get a response.

I think the cruelest thing about American Airlines is this: Imagine you're a semi-functional alcoholic, and up to now you've kind of kept your shit together, but it's all starting to come apart. Your performance at work is down, your wife is on the verge of leaving you, and more of your short-term memory is becoming an indistinct haze. In a fleeting moment of clarity you run to the computer and hastily type AA into a browser window...and...are...met with several affordable flights to Las Vegas.

Completely unrelated to this, I'd just like to note that warm Coca-Cola is not that good, and warm Diet Coke is really bad, but warm Caffeine-Free Diet Coke is just utterly vile.
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Amazon recently got busted for deleting copies of user-purchased books from their Kindle e-book devices. Authors of the books affected included George Orwell and Ayn Rand. Users who purchased some copies of 1984 or Animal Farm will have those books purged from their Kindles, any record of the purchase erased, and the cost credited to their accounts.

Former owners of the Rand books were being charged a service fee for costs associated with deleting the books, and a surcharge for the email notifying them of the removal. Users attempting to contact Amazon will receive a form response reminding them that Kindle is a technological miracle for which they should be grateful, that Amazon is not a charity, and suggesting that if they were displeased with the company's actions, they could "start their own goddamn ebook service and stop sucking the welfare teet, you worthless goddamn bunch of social parasites."
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...the album cover of the year, from the first solo release by former Pavement guitarist Spiral Stairs:

(...and I'm sure the music will be just lovely.)
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Karl Malden is dead, which along with Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, and Farrah Fawcett just goes to prove that bad news comes in threes if you count by three.

= = = =

I now own a total of five guitars, which seems like a lot for somebody who really isn't a guitarist. I'm also rather suddenly in two bands as a keyboardist...who...mostly plays guitar. way over my head.
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Happy Canada Day!

And to the wonderful wolf in my life, Happy (Sort Of) Anniversary! I love you!
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My Dad 'n' I are going to Italy in September. He's wanted to go for awhile, and my Mom isn't big on travel. He's full-blooded Italian, third-generation Italian-American, both sides tracing back to southern Italy. We talked about visiting his grandfather's home town, but then decided against it since we thought there were so many people with our last name that we'd probably get harassed for money a lot.

But the whole trip has me suddenly interested in tracing the family history, since we really don't have a lot of information on any of it. My Dad kind of suspects his paternal great-grandfather of having, how do you put this...stereotypical Italian connections in his past )
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There's a motorcycle in the garage at work that has a bumper sticker that says I really want to add a line underneath that says "...take me away!"

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Somehow, they found a way. Click on That.

(, I mean, the song is "Click on That", by the Bygones, a kind of 'supergroup' of Zack Hill (of Hella) and Nick Reinhart (of Tera Melos). They're so new, the preorder for the debut album isn't even for another two weeks.)
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...of his band, but next to Johnny Rotten, Tre Cool has one of the best stares in music.

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If you don't want people to think we're all like that, stop acting like it's our fault it happened. This was the action of one person, not a community. We have nothing to be ashamed of here.

(If you don't know what this is in reference to, consider yourself lucky.)
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A few days ago I was thinking about an old Saturday Night Live skit based on the question 'What if Superman had landed in Germany instead of the US and fought for the Nazis?' (And Garrett Morris's classic response: "Wait a minute, why didn't Superman fight for us?") Then on Friday I saw a preview for the upcoming movie G-Force, and I was thinking there might be a way to combine the two for an FC sketch. Somehow though, I don't think a skit called Goebbels' Gerbils would work as well in execution as it would in theory.
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The shortcut for OSX to duplicate a file is command-D.
The shortcut for XP to delete a file is ctrl-D.

Please shoot whoever did that in the face with asbestos-coated pineapples.
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...that make me think "there is something really wrong with this guy" at the same time I'm thinking "GET OUT OF MY HEAD". When I grow up, I want to be Jerry Van Amerongen.
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...that I'll be looking back on fondly, these lazy Sunday afternoons when I used to sit around, eating pulled pork sandwiches, naked, and chatting about celestial mechanics with [ profile] torrle, trying to explain some obscure concept my brain was trying to pass like a kidney stone, with about as much success as a German with Tourette's asking for directions to the Vatican. Yes, years from now, these will be the good old days.
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...the one I've been working on for years - (well, I haven't actually been working on it in the physical sense of the word, instead I've been focusing on the thinker/tinker phase, but anyway) - I think I've changed what the "band" name is going to be. It originally was going to be "Anarchy Riot", but then I changed it to "40,000,000,000 Sloshed Nuns" because I felt that was more in line with the artistic goals I would be pursuing. But something about that wasn't quite there aesthetically, so then I changed it to "The Pert Stereolas", then refined that to "TB and the Sucrets", "Dr. Richard Winters Himself Ladies and Gentlemen", "Anarchy Trio", and then "Abusement Park". The project took a kind of weird techno phase when I was using the name "Mr. Trite vs. Banally Raped" and then "Floss Garrotte", before settling on a more ambient concept under the pseudonym "Uma Theremin". Since the project has stagnated, I have decided to shelve that name and was leaning towards the name "S/A/R/R/S", although I think I've decided to go in a more post-proto-punk/post-post-punk/art rock direction and call myself "AbEx Whatever and the I Could Do Thats". I'm leaning towards OpArt in a Dark Park as an album name, but that's still kind of up in the air.
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