Jun. 30th, 2007

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I might be way behind the ball on this, but I haven't seen anybody post about it. They've added a feature to Google Maps driving directions that allows you to drag the route to change it. Here for example, is the route I drove from Toronto to my folks' place the summer I worked at Cal Arts. Here's the return route.
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Here's some other cross-country drives I've done:

In 1995 I made this drive to Banff, Canada for a computer music convention. Here is the return route.

This was the trip when I first moved to Buffalo in 1998. I made this with two stops (Ely, NV and Russell, KS -- home of Bob Dole), in a packed mini-van pulling an over-packed 6" U-Haul trailer.

This was a trip I took to another computer music convention in Florida. The return was probably the best road trip I've had besides the ones posted earlier.

The other three were all from when I moved from Toronto to the Bay Area. The first was with my subcompact car, but I had to go to New York City where they were performing some of my music.

The second was with all my stuff in a rented minivan. I did this trip non-stop in 41 hours.

The third was last year after MFF, with all Torrle's stuff. Renting the truck from Nashville saved us $700.


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