Jul. 21st, 2007

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I'm still not drunk, but I was thinking that it was time to post another music list, and for some reason I thought of this:

Ten musicians I'd like to give a drunken hug to (in no specific order):

1. Lee Ranaldo - I think everybody in Sonic Youth deserves a drunken hug, but Lee seems like the most down-to-earth of the bunch, and often seems kind of overlooked. I just imagine that discussing any topic with him would just be fascinating.
2. Tim DeLaughter - I'm not a religious person; actually, I'm so agnostic that I'm not even sure I'm agnostic. Given the way Tripping Daisy ended and what he's done since, and all that it takes to keep a band like the Polyphonic Spree together and touring (at $22 a ticket, no less), he totally deserves one. And he seems like he'd be the most receptive of anybody on this list.
3. Sam Coomes - The most morbid lyrics coupled with the most endearing personality, Sam just seems like the person who'd most benefit from a hug.
4. Kristin Hersh - Here's this 110 lb., maybe 5'4" waif on stage telling these amazingly funny stories between songs that vary from totally quiet and sweet to manic and angular. Who wouldn't want to give that hug?
5. Wayne Coyne - Hugging Wayne Coyne would be like hugging the illegitimate son of Jesus and Santa Claus. I think I'd just like to bask in that personality.
6. Grant-Lee Phillips - Mainly because he just seems like he'd be a fun drunk. He's got a really friendly, outgoing stage presence.
7. Doug Martsch - Actually I think this would be awkward and uncomfortable, but the guy basically wrote the soundtrack to my life.
8. The Great Kat - Why? Because if I did that, she'd punch me and then step on my neck. That's so totally hot.
9. Paul McCartney - It's Paul frickin' McCartney. Duh. Getting a hug from him would be like getting a kiss from a sunbeam that's taken Zoloft.
10. King Buzzo - Because it would be so cynical, we could bottle it and sell it for rat poison. If I hugged King Buzzo and Paul McCartney at the same time, the matter/antimatter reaction would blast me into space.


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