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NFL Predictions for 2009...

My NFL predictions aren't bad, actually. My NFL bets always outperformed my 401(k), (including, sadly, this year, when I didn't actually make any bets). Last year I predicted the Patriots would win ten games and still not make the playoffs. With the 2009 season fast approaching, I'd thought I'd share some predictions for anybody who cares. With the salary cap and the way the draft is organized, teams are more evenly matched than ever, so parity is really the dominant theme of this season.

Notable predictions, week by week:
- 09/10, TEN@PIT: The team that wins this game will take sole possession of first place, but with the league so evenly matched and such a long season ahead of them, they won't be able to hold on to it for long.

- 09/20, CIN@GB: This will be only the second game of the year for the Bengals, yet the season will already be ten days old. Watch for the fierce Packer offense to decide when to snap the ball.

- 09/27, NYG@TB: If the Giants hope to win this game, they'll have to score more points on the road than the Bucs do at home.

- 10/04, BUF@MIA: Man, these teams are so evenly matched that who receives the kickoff will probably be decided by a coin toss.

- 10/11, ATL@SF: How deep is the talent for these teams? Between the two teams, there are more than 80 NFL players, yet they'll only use like 1/4th of them on each play. It wouldn't surprise me if the national anthem is sung before the game.

- 10/19, DEN@SD: Keep an eye on the O-Line for the Chargers. They will try to prevent the quarterback from being sacked.

- 10/25, MIN@PIT: This will be a hard-fought game that will probably go to overtime neither team is leading after 60 minutes.

- 11/01, STL@DET: How good are the Patriots? They won't score any points this week and still not lose this game.

- 11/08, DAL@PHI: This is a night game. The sky will be so dark that they'll have to use lights so that players can see. If the season ended after tonight, the team with the best record in the league would have home field advantage through the playoffs.

- 11/15, TB@MIA: The Bucs actually have to travel south for this game. Can the Buccaneer players handle a playing a full game in the Florida heat? We'll have to wait and see.

- 11/22, PHI@CHI: A matchup that features two teams that are almost exact copies of each other, except for the first letter.

- 11/29, NE@NO: These teams are also almost exact copies, although the difference is in the last letter. They can also form more anagrams despite having fewer letters.

- 12/06, STL@CHI: December in the Windy City. I predict that by the time 30 minutes have ticked off the game clock, both teams take a break and walk off the field.

- 12/13, CAR@NE: How good is Tom Brady? The TV announcers will mention him whether or not he's even in the game. Book it, done.

- 12/20, ARI@DET: Can a desert team adjust to playing in such brutal Midwest winter conditions inside a dome? We'll have to see.

- 12/25, SD@TEN: It will be revealed that Santa Claus is actually a Tennessee Titans fan. Several of his mutant clones will be in the crowd as well.

- 01/03, TEN@SEA: This game will be played entirely in 2010, yet will still count as part of the 2009 regular season. I know it sounds unlikely, but trust me on this.

- 01/09, Wild Card Weekend: Surprisingly, four teams playing will be divisional champions, not wild cards. That's part of the excitement of the NFL - anything can happen!

- 01/17, Divisional Playoffs: After this game, it'll be clear which teams are going to the playoffs and whose going to be staying at home.

- 01/24, Conference Championships: Despite the mathematical improbability, I predict each team will play have played exactly 16 games during the regular season, half of which they played at home.

- 02/07, Super Bowl XLIV: Again, parity. Teams are so evenly matched, that this game is likely to be against one AFC team and one NFC team, both of which will have gone undefeated in their previous two games.

That's it! Disclaimer: this information is only intended for entertainment and not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Poster does not not assume any responsibility for losses.

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My NFL bets always outperformed my 401(k), (including, sadly, this year, when I didn't actually make any bets).

I just had to laugh at that. Mine's about the same, BTW. :-)