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Writer's Block: Top of the Charts

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iTunes Library at Work: Bardo Pond — Test
iTunes Library at Home: Mission of Burma — Spider's Web
Nighpod in the car: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum — Powerless
Probably all-time on all players: Fleetwood Mac — Go Your Own Way

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Fleetwood Mac — Go Your Own Way

God, it is so easy to just listen to the shit out of that song.
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I'm pretty sure that'd be the most played track just because it's been one of my favorites since the day it came out, and I've never grown tired of it. "Turn to Stone" by E.L.O. isn't too far behind.

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I don't have stats, but probably Dino Jr's "Out There".

Either that or the single-track Dark Side of the Moon (with a brief fastforward over "Money")