bohor: (Eclipse)
Bohor ([personal profile] bohor) wrote2009-12-09 03:27 am

Mere artifacts of the human condition...

Surrounded by a crisp, unforgiving three AM cold, I sit at my desk, alternately staring through one window at the faint twinkles of humanity floating in the featureless void of black sky and black ground, and then through this brightly-lit artificial window, where day and night are merely artificial concepts. A window whose metaphorical transparency relegates its physical opaqueness to irrelevancy. Alone with millions of intimate strangers, I gaze in wonder at man's many feats: our ability to create, to inspire, our boundless emotional abilities, our abilities to hurt and destroy, our need to heal, and to be healed. Our ability to be as frigid as steel, and our ability to be warmer than the sun. And through all this I am humbled by this simple knowledge: that in six scant hours, as I drive to work, I will inevitably, without fail, try to shift my car from fifth gear...into fifth gear again.

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