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Bohor ([personal profile] bohor) wrote2009-12-26 04:58 am

Thousands of years ago...

...actually, no, it was only a few nights ago, I had a dream. In it, I was trying intimate...with my bed. Not somebody on it, not the a stack of blankets, or pillows - no, the bed itself. Oh, and this was some sort of competition, in front of of an Olympic audience, including judges. I don't really remember any detail about the dream, but when I woke up, I think I was still...uh, how do I put this...going for the gold medal, I guess.

I'm not really all that proud of this dreams, or thrilled with my brain's choice of symbolism and imagery. But I'm pretty sure my attempts at deflowering the Queen of Sealy were unsuccessful given that I didn't even tear her sheet.

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I love you, Bohor.

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Mmmm, mugwumpy.

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Unrelated, but I finally found out where m-i-f-f-e-d came from. :D


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Yeah, I loved that skit. That whole CD was actually really good. Bobcat has dropped a lot of his shtick from the 80s and become more biting and cynical.