bohor: (Eclipse)
Bohor ([personal profile] bohor) wrote2010-01-02 03:55 am

There is nothing quite like...

...driving I-280 from Las Altos Hills to Hillsborough, especially on a night like tonight. 2:15AM, crystal clear at street level, bolting along six utterly barren, empyu lanes in each direction, with no other cars on the roadway in either direction. High, thin silver clouds diffuse the mostly-full moon so much that the sky is brighter than daylight. With urban lights on hills in the distance, close enough to recognize that we're in a city, yet far enough to remind us that we're still hell and gone from the condenceed houses and townhouses that surround us. A bank of fog hovering perfectly above lake San Andreas to the left, cruising along at 75MPH with Underworld blasting through earphones.

Absolutely perfect.