Feb. 24th, 2009

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I've been fooling around with AppleScript and iTunes a bit recently, mainly to serve my dangerously OCD desire for cleanliness in my library (because lord knows I can't keep anything else around the house clean). Anyway, I thought I'd share it with anybody who is interested and running a Mac.

Some disclaimers:
1) I don't code. Honestly, I've never taken a real coding class aside from a few weeks of C-Sound fifteen years ago and a lot of Max/MSP work. Max/MSP is pretty close though: the principles are the same, just in graphic format instead of text.
2) It's AppleScript. Yes, I know AppleScript is to real scripting languages what Duplo is to Lego. There's probably a better way to get some of this done and it might be stronger/faster/more efficient in another language, I doubt I could have picked up how to do this stuff easily with no training using only free software and Google searches.
3) The script below won't damage anything, but I will eventually post some that do overwrite tags. These are also things I wrote for myself, so they don't have any kind of UI at all. I usually run these from the Script Editor just so I can watch the results.
4) Tech support questions for this may be directed to iqugfd7f98['fdufidsf=foiOUI09fwefj_2@thisisfakeemailaddressnoreallyimnotsupportingthissuff.ca
Email sent to this address and handled by a trained staff of robots who will tell you that we do not exits.

A bunch of code )


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