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Bohor ([personal profile] bohor) wrote2010-08-01 05:20 pm

A joke...

A priest, a rabbi, a bishop, and a baptist minister, and the aborted fetus from a 17-year-old unwed mother, a semen-stained copy of "Atlas Shrugged" written in Swahili, twelve copies of Anita Bryant's Greatest Hits suspended in a vat of orange juice, a looped recording of Chinese children singing the theme from "The Brady Bunch", a life-size replica of Reagan's head being built by recovering crack addicts from rejected cheese and AIDS-tainted blood, the stunned silence of an audience of English majors after hearing George W. Bush analyze the meaning of Allen Ginsburg's Howl, and a beer tap in the shape of Sarah Palin's head filling Gulf of Mexico-shaped mugs with rancid black mayonnaise walk into a post-modernist performance art space... Get it?

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I like your icon. ;)

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Heard it before.

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Get it? I couldn't even read it!

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What's to get? They got you, didn't they.

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I've been thinking about this since you posted it. It makes me laugh, but I don't know why, exactly.

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Because it's so true!