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Bohor ([personal profile] bohor) wrote2010-10-21 01:45 am

One quick update...

A disc in my back asploded like a fat guy sat on a creme-filled donut (which is essentially what actually happened). Here's one of them new-fangled polaroids:

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Basically I've been in agony the past few weeks because spinal meringue is pressing on the nerve in my back. I currently have a prescription for "elephant-tranquilizer" strength pain-killers. It sort of works, but every once in awhile I get an overwhelming irrational hatred of how the liberal elite have turned this country has turned into a socialist welfare state. And of course, some nausea. (So needless to say, I can't wait to get off this stuff.) In a few days they're going to stab my spine with a large needle until I feel better. (Yeah, I dunno, they say it'll work and I can't really argue since I'm not that kind of doctor.) I mention the pain-killers? If any of this is confusing or doesn't make sense or is confusing, blame them. I'll be sleeping now.

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Ouch! Wow, hope it gets better? Miss ya, too.

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I've been there. Two herniated discs pushing on the sciatic nerve. The cortisone shot MIGHT help.

In the end what's done me best over time is a combination of physical therapy, massage (I know some good if very expensive people), and (initially when I lost sensation in my foot) acupuncture.

The pain is horrible. The painkillers can make you grouchy as fuck. did they put you prednisone or some other steroid as well? THOSE have to be the worst pills I have ever eaten.

you have my sympathy. Almost two years later and I'm still recovering. :/

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Wow, that's an impressive rupture! o.O Hope you're feeling better soon. Pain sucks.


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Holy shit, dude. I can't look at that X-ray without wanting to scream in sympathetic agony. Here's hoping for a success in a few days and a reasonably speedy recovery...